New York Fullfilment


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Warehousing/ Storage

At the heart of your logistics operations is warehousing that you can rely on. We handle your products like our own, ensuring that they are strategically stored. Our warehouses are aptly suited for specific storage needs. Each product is assigned a designated area to optimize item location and transfer.


We will palletize your floor-loaded containers based on your or your customer’s requirements. We do it with utmost care and precision ensuring that your shipments get to their destinations with 100% accuracy.

24-hour Inventory Visibility

NY Fulfillment provides real-time, ondemand visibility to all clients with a simple-to-use tracking system. Merchants can follow each item from onset to delivery. They can see when an order leaves the factory to the warehouse and is then shipped from the warehouse to the customer. This enables merchants to spot potential problems before they arise and effectively keep account of their inventory.


FBA Prep

- We offer fast and reliant FBA Prep service to allow your Amazon business to expand and flourish. Furthermore, we ensure that all products shipped are in full compliance with FBA compliance rules.

Managing Returns

New York Fulfillment manages your eCommerce and Amazon FBA returns and exchanges in the most efficient and hassle-free manner. Our logistics system reverses the order and seamlessly integrates it back into your inventory data.

Pick and Pack Service

NY Fulfillment picks, packs, and ships your order to your exact specifications. Our shipping operation works to find you the most efficient delivery system that works for your bottom line. We include shipping documents and packing slips to avoid delivery errors. At NY Fulfillment, we get parcels moving because we know that timely deliveries are what keep your business running.

Kitting, Bundling, and Assembly

We know that our clients are not one size fits all and this is what makes our services distinctly personal. NY Fulfillment offers custom packing procedures, kitting, bundling, and product assembling. To eliminate delays, we create your specified kits ahead of time with an assembly system customized according to your requirements. This includes barcode tagging, subscription boxes, holiday gifting, custom lettering and numbers, shrink-wrapping products, and product catalogs. Bundles can be followed with a trackable SKU and product info.


We Get Your Parcel Places and We Get It There Fast

NY Fulfillment works with the world’s best carriers and develops logistic plans for both domestic and international shipments. We work with both inbound and outbound freight services to manage your company’s needs including Sea, Rail, Air, and Road. For us, no shipment is too big, no parcel is too small.

NY Fulfillment offers the additional service of Custom Clearance for imported products. When it is to your shipping needs, we take care of it from start to finish.

While parcels are happily riding along to their destinations both nationally and internationally, clients can conveniently keep track of order data using our shipment tracking system.